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MTS Files not Playing Issue: How one Can Play MTS Files Smoothly

MTS is one of the popular video format which are generally captured in Camcorders. Videos stored with .mts extension are very clear/sharp and also it plays in a smooth manner. People make use of camcorders to capture high quality videos and to enjoy it without any problems. But in some critical cases, you will have to face mts files not playing issue, which is really very annoying.

You might have experienced a situation in which you open your stored MTS videos files in a video player to enjoy it, but the playing gets terminated and an error message appears on the screen as:-

Unable to play MTS videos files

This error message reflects that MTS videos files would not play, no matter how hard you try. In order to regain the smooth running of MTS videos files, firstly you will have to fix the aforesaid error. Here the question arises why one experience such kind of issue while playing the MTS video files.

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Causes responsible for MTS Files not playing Issue:-

  1. Incompatible Hardware and Unsupported Video Player:-Firstly, this error message appears on the screen when there is some incompatibility issues with the hardware/software. MTS is one of the special file format which can run smoothly only when it gets supportable video player like play station 2, Blu-ray player, and camcorder etc. And if you try to play the MTS videos files in any unsupported player then you will experience the above mentioned error.

  2. Corrupted and Damaged MTS Videos Files:- Secondly the aforesaid problem arises when the MTS files gets corrupted or damaged. The corrupted MTS files becomes unable to play, even if it gets the compatible video player. At times it happens that mts files gets corrupted due to virus infection, human errors, and many other causes and become inaccessible. At this stage you are unable to play the MTS videos. In addition to this, you also fails to perform any other operations like copying, moving, transferring etc. If somehow you make any attempt to access the MTS files, then you experience several error message as MTS files missing, No such files found etc.

If you want to play MTS files in a smooth manner, then just fix MTS files not playing issue immediately. Make use of video player which can easily support MTS file format and offers smooth accessing of videos files. And in the case if MTS videos files gets corrupted/deleted then try to recover it from maintain backup. If you do not have maintained the backup then use MTS recovery software which can easily restore the deleted, missing and corrupted MTS files and thus offers easy accessibility.