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Solution To Recover MTS Files Encrypted By QkG Ransomware

The set forth article mainly aims at providing the Windows PC users with effective solution on the recovering of MTS Files deleted or corrupted by QkG Ransomware. So, kindly go through it carefully in a case if in seek of such solution.

Before proceeding towards the MTS Recovery, it is important to have some knowledge about the main cause leading to it's corruption (i.e., QkG Ransomware)

About QkG Ransomware

QkG Ransomware is actually a treacherous malware infection which the PC experts have notified contaminating the computer systems running Windows OS. It identical to those of various other perilous programs of the identical group, perforates itself very silently inside the targeted PC, without being reported by the users. It once loaded successfully, wreaks havoc onto the system.

Several lab tests have reported QkG Ransomware initializing the conduction of several malicious practices via firstly acquiring complete control over entire system and then implementing it's deep scanning in seek of the files compatible with it's disruption. Infection later then after finding such files, encrypts them using XOR cipher algorithm. It mainly victimizes the files with DOC and DOCX extensions. It besides, might also cause harm to several other files such as videos, presentations, images and many more. Recent researches on this ransomware clearly shows that it do pose harm to the MTS files on large extent. It unlike several other ransomware threats, does not brings modification in the names and extension of the victimized files but do appends a ransom note to them reading the following :

In note, hacker namely '[email protected]!' asks victims to make payment of ransom of $300 in Bitcoins regarding data decryption. However, it is strongly recommended neither to trust the note nor to make any payment and instead only focus on uninstallation of QkG Ransomware from the PC since according to PC experts it is the only measure possible to the recovery of MTS files enciphered by QkG Ransomware.

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Solution To MTS files Recovery

MTS Overview

MTS is basically an AVC HD video file format which do support on cameras, camcorders computers and several other electronic devices. While making use of .MTS video format on the devices, loss is an inevitable situation which might occur at any moment. Various potent causes besides from threat namely 'QkG Ransomware' liable behind loss of MTS files are :

  Formatting of drives of computer or any other devices with MTS video files stored in them deletes all the files along with MTS HD videos.
  In a case if the file system of device with MTS file gets changed, then record of all the files on the drive will get gone with the old file system.
  When an external device or a drive of computer having MTS file in it get scanned for
viruses/malware using antimalware program, then MTS file stored in it get deleted by the program if threat get detected.

So, occurrence of all situation literally makes it highly hectic for the users to make access to the MTS files. However, it is advised not to get panic in this type of situation and instead make usage of Stellar Phoenix MTS Files Recovery Software as it's usage have been proven guaranteed working in recovering of MTS Files deleted or corrupted by QkG Ransomware or any other reason.

About Stellar Phoenix MTS Video Recovery Software

Stellar Phoenix MTS Files Recovery Software is doubtlessly a highly reliable video recovery program which the technologists have notified crafted in a manner that easily as well as quickly recovered MTS files from all types of internal as well as external storage devices such as MMC cards, memory cards, micro and macro SD cards, xD cards and flash drives. This program do includes a simple as well as interactive user-interface.

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Steps To Recover MTS Video Deleted/Corrupted by QkG Ransomware by using Stellar Phoenix MTS Files Recovery Software

Step 1 : Firstly download and install 'Stellar Phoenix MTS Files Recovery Software' onto your Windows PC. Now click 'Recover Photo, audio & video' tab to recover MTS files from any SD card. computer hard drive or external USB drive. Connect the media with the computer system and then execute the recovery process.

Step 2 : Select drive from which recovery of deleted or corrupted MTS files is to get done. The external media will get displayed in the list. If not, then in that situation click 'Refresh Drive' button. Make selection of the desired drive for scanning and then click 'Scan Now'. To customize the recovery procedure on the basis of type, tap 'Advanced Scan'

Step 3 : In the Advanced Scan, you will get the option to scan as per to the file like Photo, Audio and Video or to select data range from the storage device. This option basically decreases the scanning procedure time

Step 4 : Once the 'Scan Now' button got clicked, the software will show that scanning is in process. Here the recovered files will get listed in a tree structure on the left side of the window panel.

Step 5 : After the completion of the scanning process, select files to preview from and then click 'Recover' button to finally save them onto the Windows PC.

Step 6 : Select desired location onto the Windows PC to save the retrieved files. The screenshot displays that the recovered files are being saved.